A few of the things our employees have to say about working in Resilience Advanced Community Care...

I have worked with Resilience for just over 2 years now and I thoroughly enjoy it! The line managers are very approachable and understanding. The job is flexible and I can work the hours that suit me and my family. Resilience are very thoughtful and appreciative of their staff which makes working for them a great experience.

People always ask me; can you work for Resilience while working somewhere else? YES! Nurses working elsewhere bringing their specific skills to us are always welcome. We would not work without part time nurses & relief nurses to form an amazing team alongside our full-time nurses.

I left a permanent job in 2017 to join Resilience to work in Advanced Community Care and I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have a work/life balance now that has changed our home lives exponentially for the better. The support that staff receive from Management is second to none and I feel so appreciated for all I do, from the families I care for, to the team I am a part of, to the company itself. The structure in place for new and existing staff is second to none, from Induction, progress updates, shadow shifts, flexible rosters, paid training and Management support. Resilience has raised the bar and is setting the standards in Advanced Community Care and I am delighted to be a small part of it all.

I’m with resilience for the last year and a half and I am really enjoying working as a nurse here. I receive great support within a professional organisation since I have joined and the relationship with my manager has been brilliant. She treats me with kindness and support. The company is really person centered and it is great to see how the clients, their Families and the workers are treated here. Thanks for the opportunity to work here as a nurse.

From my first day onwards in Resilience, I can say that I never felt alone. I got all the support from HR, Senior Management and my team. I was always contacted by my managers no matter what area I was working in. It was really a good team to work with.

I'm so glad to have joined Resilience who genuinely cares for their employees not only when they are giving their best to the company but value them when they are unwell also.

Having come from an acute area of HSE in April 2016 to work with Resilience I can say that it has been very positive experience for me. As an employee I was supported throughout, felt valued and any concerns expressed regarding work situation/client/personnel nature were addressed and resolved in a timely fashion. Special mention must be made to Resilience for marking special occasions like Christmas, birthdays and Easter with lovely treats to staff. Special thanks to my line manager Sharon and deputy Nina who have been a constant source of support and listening ear when needed. As I close the door on my 49 years of a nursing career I take with me only happy memories of my experience with Resilience.