Operations Team

SC - Laura Keane (Image Left)
Managing Director

Laura Keane

Heading up Resilience, with the ultimate responsibility for both the Advanced Community Care and Social Care service lines, Laura is someone who has dedicated her career to working with people with disabilities. With over 30 years experience in the delivery and development of services within the health and social care sectors, Laura has achieved in a spread of roles, from Clinician to Executive Management.

National Operations Manager

Sinead Butler

Responsible for the development and management of all innovative Social Care services, and leading her team, is Sinead Butler – a Registered Nurse for Intellectual Disability, with a Diploma in Health Care Management.

National Community Development Manager

Lars Schabelski

Within Social Care, Lars runs our New Directions and Outreach programmes: two innovative initiatives developed to empower our service users and involve them in their communities. Lars also manages one of our Adult Residential / Shared Care houses in Clare - The Belltree. His role is to liaise with all key stakeholders and is the Person in Charge of an Adult.

Service Manager of An Diadan and Ard Ri, Tipperary

Luan Lyons

A Limerick native, Luan was introduced to her vocation within the world of care working at The Daughters of Charity, where she supported people with intellectual disabilities and mental health problems. She then made the move into day service, working with adults with physical and intellectual disabilities as well as mental health and behavioural problems.

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Service Manager of Pebble Beach and Luachanna in Kerry, and working with New Directions

Mary Costello

Mary has been with the Social Care family for two-and-a-half years, bringing to her role a wealth of experience she has gathered through the years. Mary grew up in county Laois – and went on to begin her career as a support worker in social care while training extensively – earning a Diploma in Intellectual Disability, management training, Positive Behaviour Training and a FETAC Level 5. She worked as a manager in day care services with the Daughters of Charity – running an outreach programme for school leavers.

Service Manager of Ard Na Gaoithe and The Meadows, Cork

Megan Barry

Originally from Tipperary where she earned her degree in social care, Megan trained in mainstream care, focusing on children with emotional problems. She did her Masters in Therapeutic Childcare in Carlow, beginning her career in 2010 when she worked mainstream residential services.

Megan moved to Resilience in 2018 when she saw that in many ways her work with mainstream residential services could help inform managing the care of children with intellectual disabilities. In both instances, dealing with a high-level of risk behaviours is at the heart of the care, and her skills and background have helped her understand the challenges at hand.

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Regional Operations Manager

Michelle Long

Michelle began her working life in business, then moved into social care where she explored residential care as part of her work experience. Here she found her 'fit' - and worked for the HSE for 8 years in mainstream and high support, caring for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties as well as those with criminal behaviours