Our Services


The Right Answer for Your Family

Flexibility and individuality are at the heart of everything we do – which means the services we offer allow us to provide exactly the kind of support your loved one needs – be it full-time residential care or the option to enjoy outreach involvement while living at home with the family.  It’s about developing the Support Plan that is specifically tailored around each person’s very specific requirements.

What We Offer

Residential Care

For service users, children or adults, who require full residential care, we’re a long way away from what you might expect.

Shared Care

Perhaps a different approach is right for your loved one - where he or she divides time between one of our residences and your family home.

Community Programmes

For service users that remain at home, we offer Outreach programmes for children and New Directions Programmes
for Adults.

Prader Willi Syndrome

Social Care has opened a new residential service with a completely unique approach to supporting people with Prader Willi Syndrome.