09 November 2020

‘New Directions’ Day Service locations being rolled out

New Services

We are very pleased and excited to announce the opening of our new Day services in 2020. These services are opening in Ennis, County Clare and in Mallow, County Cork. In addition, we will also have new services opening in Cork City and Kildare, watch this space!

What makes our New Directions day services different?
1. Individual – The Support Plans we develop are built around each individual’s abilities, needs and
2. Flexible – Everything we do is geared towards helping all our service-users live their very best life.
3. Specialist Staff Training – Provide training in the areas of Social Role Valorisation, New
Directions (E learning Module) and Positive Behaviour Support.
4. Empowerment- It doesn’t have to be a 9-5 service, evenings and Saturdays are available if that
suits the individual.

Back to full service
For adults living with disabilities, our ‘New Directions’ Day Services recently restarted, thankfully we are able tooperate at full capacity (5 days a week) at present for the people we support. The new Directions model we deliver gives us scope to work well within Covid-19 restrictions.

New home opening in Kerry in early 2021
We are also delighted to announce the opening of a new service in Rathmore, County Kerry in 2021. It will support adults with intellectual disabilities and/or autism. We hope this will be a valuable service to people from Kerry and Cork.