18 July 2023

Megan’s Retrain Campaign

Name: Megan
Location: Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

A little bit about me

I was actually studying Social Care in college, I went to WIT in Waterford. It was when COVID first started, it was all online. I found it really hard. All our classes were on Zoom, and I really struggled in the big group settings online, trying to listen and take note of everything.

I was living down in Waterford and just found it to be a bad environment. I had a part time job as a shop assistant, and I took that on full time.

What motivated you to enrol in the Resilience Healthcare re-train programme?

My Mom actually works in healthcare, she works in relief in Lemon Grove, the Resilience Healthcare Prader Willi Syndrome Specialist Service. So, when she heard they were doing the retrain programme, she was like “Oh you'd love that”. I had already met some of the residents through Mom. Anyway, I applied, and it’s worked out really well for me.

I always wanted to work in Social Care. I was going to study it again, but the retrain programme sounded fantastic. It was good for me and my situation. I’m getting on the job experience, getting paid and learning while doing so. It's an unbelievable opportunity.

Is the retrain programme what you expected?

I think the retrain programme is really beneficial. Getting to work, as well as learning. It’s a really great experience and I'm enjoying it loads.

What were the biggest challenges you faced during the programme? And how did you overcome them?

Communication with one of my tutors over email has been a little challenging, however I arranged a call with him to discuss upcoming projects and it was really valuable.

What has been your biggest achievement or success story?

My biggest achievement has been learning to interact with the residents, doing their dressings, and being able to give them their medications. It’s such a good opportunity to learn all of this while doing the retrain programme.
I'm getting to know all the residents so well; they are such characteristics and real sweethearts. It's hard not to get attached to them when you get along with them so well.

How does your experience in the programme compare to your expectations?

It's better than what I thought. The team would have told me about the Prader Willi Syndrome and the behaviours, but it never prepares you. You have to experience it for yourself, but now it doesn't affect me. You get used to it.

What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling in the programme?

I would 100% advise everyone to do the retrain programme if they are thinking about it. It's such a good experience. Every day is different, that's the best thing. It's never the same, so even if you have a bad day, the next day, you could have a brilliant one. It's all good, it's always changing. I'd highly recommend the retrain programme.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Hopefully I get this course done, sooner than later! I want to be fully qualified and comfortable working here.