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Change Lives

Yours Included

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Change Lives

Yours Included

What is Advanced Community Care

Nursing, At It's Best

ACC Homepage - Why We're Different

Every day we see the thinking of Advanced Community Care working – transforming lives and changing the way we think about nursing. And what is truly exciting to us is that the work we do is right in line with the new face of healthcare in Ireland – an exciting, bold revolution that offers new benefits to patients and new opportunities to nurses like you.

Olivia Sinclair – Head of Advanced Community Care


The Importance of Training

“Knowing, growing and showing you want to be the best you can be is an ethic that runs deep in Advanced Community Care.
That’s why we place huge emphasis on supporting our nurses to train and develop new skills.”
Cora O'Leary – Clinical Practice Specialist

Why We’re Different

What makes Advanced Community Care Different?

Home - 'Make The Difference'

You’re a hospital nurse looking for a change from busy ward work?

You’re keen to return to Ireland after working abroad, and want to make the move the right one? A more one-to-one nursing approach is really what you’re looking for right now?

For these, and so many more reasons, joining our specialist care team in Advanced Community Care is the smartest career move you could make. By working with children and young adults who are dependent on medical-technology and live at home, this is your opportunity to grow your future at the cutting-edge of quality complex care - while being part of a supported, highly-trained and rewarded team.


Join Our Specialist Team

We are expanding our team to support a growing number of children and adults along with their families in homes, communities and respite care centres across the country.